At Vacation’s End

Good things about vacation ending:

  1. It’s easier to pack
  2. Getting back to my bed/pillows
  3. (this time, anyway) I get to see my Vivian!
That’s all I can come up with. :(
We got packed up and were ready to leave the hotel around 10:30. We decided to go back to the harbor area to walk by the USS Midway and the maritime museum ships, and maybe take a tour if we had time and Mac seemed interested. He was! We ended up spending the rest of the morning on the Midway, and Mac was so interested that he wanted to take a model ship home with him.
We made our way back to the car via a little souvenir shopping. We had to bring something back for Vivian! Then time to gas up and return the rental car and hop the shuttle to the airport. We had no issues except a line at security, but we had plenty of time to get through. I did make an error in judgment when it came to getting my dinner at the airport that caused us to rush to get on the plane (not late, just rushed). But hey, if that was the worst of the trip, and I really¬†believe¬†it was, I can’t really complain!
We had gorgeous weather, well-behaved children, pretty smooth flights, a reliable car, and a comfortable hotel. If I hadn’t been missing my Vivian so much, I would never have wanted to leave!!

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