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Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything here. To say we’ve been busy would be a gross understatement. Blogging is one of the first things to go. I do still manage to get photos uploaded, so hopefully if you’re following us here, you’re also looking at our Flickr photostream or have a feed with those photos so you can get more timely updates of our goings-on. I hate when this much time has passed, because I know I’ve missed so much detail. And if I haven’t blogged it, I have a better chance of forgetting it!


We did have some weeks of illness in our house in March. Mac came home from Grandma’s one day throwing up, but he had also hit his head, so we took him to the ER just in case, because his behavior was not quite right either. They did a CT scan, which came back clear, so we were sent home with a diagnosis of “probably the start of the flu.” Yea. We’ve been hugging him and holding him for hours, and now he’s got the stomach flu. When we got home, I started the quarantine rituals. Vivian got moved to the basement, where she would remain for over a week. Josie was moved to the bassinet in our bedroom. We set Mac up with a portable DVD player and a pile of DVDs that he could handle on his own. He was sick throughout the night, feeling better the next day,but by Thursday I knew I had it too. Jeremy got sick within hours after I did. We tried to keep it from Vivian and were almost successful, until the night before my first day back to work after my maternity leave! I stayed home instead. Anyway, we were all through it by the end of that week, and Josie never did get it, thank goodness. Then we all got colds! That wasn’t nearly as bad.


Mac continues to grow into a nice little boy. About 95 percent of the time, he is a great helper, follows rules and doesn’t get into trouble. It’s that other 5 percent that can drive me to the looney bin on some days! He’s gotten much better about playing nicely with Vivian. He even likes to “catch” her at the bottom of the slide… he started that on his own! And he is quite tuned-in to Josie. He likes to tell me when she’s crying that, “Mommy, Josie is hungry. She needs some of your milk.” And the other day, he seemed concerned, saying, “Mommy, Josie is not smiling.” Awww. Then he turns around and uses half a roll of toilet paper, clogging the toilet. Grrr. Mac participated in some cognitive and self-control activities at the U of M last month. It’s really fun to watch the videos and watch him interacting with others. The self-control part was interesting too – he’s actually got quite a lot! At one point they put two plates of raisins in front of him, one with just two and another with more, telling him he could have the one with more if he waited for the girl to come back in the room, but he could get her to come back any time and have the one with two. She left the room. He was alone in that room sitting in a chair staring at those plates (with not much more to look at or do) for 10 MINUTES! He got to eat ALL of them!! Mac is done with his nuk completely now – he didn’t even ask for it when he was sick! Unfortunately, he’s also done with naps. We struggled for a couple of weeks trying to force it, and it was more trouble than it was worth. He now usually has quiet time while I’m trying to work and the girls are sleeping. I knew this was coming, but I was hoping to make it to summer. Oh well!


Finally the words are starting to come for Vivian, but still quite slowly. She is also a good girl and is starting to be a helper, but at times she gets into things she shouldn’t. She needs to start learning to ask for things instead of just taking them (try teaching a 4-year-old it’s NOT ok when his sister gets away with it!). She’s starting to respond better to me just saying “no” – she usually stops what she’s doing. I would say right now her two favorite things (other than dumping things out all over the floor) are dancing and building with blocks. She has also been taking her jammies off after we put her in bed, but we’ve gotten tricky and turned them around on her so she can’t reach the zipper! She has NOT yet climbed out of her crib again since October, thank God. I know it’s coming, but the longer we can keep her in there, the better!


My goodness, I’ve missed over a month of Josie’s updates. Will she ever forgive me?! She’s almost 16 weeks old now. On March 26th we went for her 3-month measurements at a U of M feeding & sibling research study. She weighed 13.5 pounds but I can’t remember the rest. I seem to have misplaced the little card they gave me. If I find it, I’ll update this post with the data, and by that time we’ll probably have her 4-month measurements! Josie has been a very good baby for us and continues to sleep and eat well, though she is awake much more often now. She giggled for the first time at exactly 3 months old, and her smiles are radiant. :) And she loves to talk – actual cooing and babbling. Neither Jeremy nor I remember Mac or Vivian doing that – it’s very fun! She hasn’t yet rolled from her back to her tummy, but she shows signs of starting. I know her physical milestones will probably continue to fall behind her brother and sister just because she is on the floor for playtime less than they ever were, and perhaps her cooing is a sign that for her, the communication will come more quickly than the motor development. I’m trying to give her more time when we can! I couldn’t believe it when I looked back that by 15 weeks, both Mac and Vivian had already rolled from their backs to their tummies. Wow!

I know I’ve forgotten to mention way too much. I need to try to be better (I know I’ve said this before) about posting little things as they happen, especially the cute little videos I catch. It’s definitely a struggle with my personality to want everything to be neatly packaged before publishing!

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  1. Jill
      May 5, 2012

    I just found the card with Josie’s measurements from the U of M study! As suspected, her 4-month measurements have already been posted, but I just had to post here to prove I hadn’t lost it (my mind, maybe, but not the card).
    Weight: 13.5 lbs.
    Height: 24 inches
    Head: 40 cm
    30.5% body fat

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