3 Under 4 No More!

It sounded so impressive, and scary, “3 children under 4”  . . .  but no more, since Mac is 4!  And now that I’ve had several outings with all three kiddos by myself, that’s not nearly as daunting a task either.  I’m sure before long it will be second nature to pack them all up and go just about anywhere.

I am way behind on blogging.  My dream of sitting down once a week to blog has not yet become a reality.  Even now I have had to escape the house to work on a blog post, and at that I might not finish with all the updates I have to include!

IMG_1380This time the first-born must come first – Mac turned 4!  He got to celebrate in preschool last Friday, because on his birthday they had a Valentine’s Day party.  We also went out to dinner as a family the night of his birthday, taking all three kids out to Rainforest Cafe and then to Coldstone for ice cream and some playtime at the Lego store.  After we got home and got Vivian to bed, Mac got to open his presents (Thomas tracks, of course) and play for a bit.  On Wednesday morning, Lisa came over to watch the girls while Jeremy and I took Mac out by himself.  We started our morning with a ride on the light rail, something I’ve been wanting to do with him for quite a while now, and it did not disappoint.  He loved it!  We boarded at the Mall of America and rode past about 8 stations, through the big long airport tunnel, and over a couple of bridges.  It couldn’t have been any better!  We got off at Lake Street to turn around and head back for a total of about a 40-minute ride.  From there we went to Bandana Square to the model railroad museum.  That wasn’t quite as great as I had hoped, but Mac did enjoy looking at the huge model railroad they have there, and he liked playing with the Thomas trains they had too.  We stopped for food on the way home since all of us were hungry and Jeremy had to get back to work.  Our little guy looked so big with his meal in the car!  All this and we haven’t even had his party or cake yet!  That is planned for Sunday.  I wonder if I’ll get the cake made that I want to make for him…

IMG_1278 Vivian… oh, my sweet Vivian…  She is really getting to a fun age.  She is listening better and follow directions.  She kind of gets the raw end of the deal most of the time since Mac can pretty much help himself and Josie usually gets my attention first.  She is tolerating it well most of the time.  She is loving playing with puzzles lately and has started doing more coloring too.  She is communicating in her own way, rarely with words, but they are coming.  She is even more consistent with “ball,” “keys,” and “car,” and we hope more are coming.  We actually just had a call today from a Bloomington Public Health nurse following up on her “Ages & Stages Questionnaire” that we complete as part of the Follow-Along Program to keep track of a child’s development.  They wanted to know if we had concerns about her communication because she is slightly behind.  She is only a tad behind where Mac was at this point, though, so unless she gets to her 2nd birthday without more progress, we’re not worried.  Because she is signing and clearly communicating, there really isn’t much to worry about.  Her pediatrician also said that sometimes if they can communicate with signs, the words will not come until later.

IMG_1309 And my angel, Josie…  I don’t think I could have asked for a better baby.  And it’s a good thing with how the other two keep me on my toes!  The last time she woke in the night to eat was January 30th (at four-and-a-half weeks, for those who are keeping track)!  She has been consistent for a couple of weeks now in eating around 9:30 p.m. and not eating again until 7:00 a.m. or later.  (Now if only I could go right to sleep when she’s done…)  She eats again around our lunch time, then takes a good solid nap with the others, eats around dinnertime and then before we go to bed.  It’s fantastic!  She travels well, usually sleeps in her car seat, and rarely is fussy unless she is hungry or needs to burp.  I am so amazingly blessed.  She hasn’t gotten much tummy time since I can’t leave her on the floor alone in the same room with Vivian.  She’s spent lots of time in the bouncy seat and swing at home.  But I noticed from reading a post about Vivian that she was rolling over at 6 weeks… Josie is now 7 weeks – we gotta get moving!

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