All By Mine-Self

One of Mac’s cute phrases is “all by mine-self” when he does something himself.  Sometimes he’ll even draw it out and put his hands on his hips, saying it proudly, with authority.

The other day, there was some fresh banana bread on the counter (thank you, Lisa!).  I had cut a few pieces off for my snack as we went outside to play.  A little later, Mac wanted some, and I let him go inside to get it.  I kind of expected him to come back and ask for help, but instead he came out with a piece!  It looked fairly messily cut, so I figured he just kind of tore a piece off.  He went back in two more times to get more.  It wasn’t until we got back inside that I realized I had left the knife out that I had used (!!) and had a slight panic – until I noticed that not only did he take out his stool to climb up to the counter (as he often does to help in the kitchen), but he also went into the drawer to get “his” (plastic) knife to cut his pieces.  I don’t think he even thought to touch the sharp one.  What a good kid!  And THANK GOD!!

This picture is just how he left things —  Notice the placement of his knife and the fact that he cut the end off the other loaf – he wanted the middle piece!


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