Summarizing Summer

There’s nothing too noteworthy happening these days, no more big announcements or milestones, but I haven’t had time to write much about the kids, and we’ve had lots of activities!  Now I’m afraid I’m losing track of dates because I’ll write a little then save my draft and don’t get back to it for two weeks!  It’s also hard to take pictures when it’s just me and the kids, which is a huge bummer.  So let’s see what I can catch you up on, and in the future I’ll try to just post as I have time instead of waiting so long.  Links here take you to videos uploaded on Flickr.  Who knows when I’ll get around to editing those for YouTube?!

Early July:
Vivian decided, after three months or so of being able to take steps on her own, that walking really IS the preferred mode of transportation. It would seem that this little walking thing has also got her brother taking notice, as he seems to be encouraging her at times to chase him! She is starting to learn her signs, but it seems like every time she learns a new one, the others go away. She doesn’t have any words, but she definitely wants to communicate, so I’m hoping it will all come soon.

Mac is maturing into a wonderful little boy. In addition to making his first step in using the potty, he continues to do well using his manners. He likes to do just about anything “all by mine-self” and is so proud of himself when he does! Each day he is more interactive and tolerant of his sister, and he is much better these days at sharing and taking turns. Last night as we were having ice cream sandwiches, and I was sharing mine with Vivian, HE wanted to share HIS too! I could hardly believe it. He also has wanted to have her sit on his lap a few times in the last week or so… strange. We still have our moments of tantrums and power struggles, but he is so much fun, and I’m really enjoying our time together this summer. (I have to admit we’re both probably getting a little spoiled!)

I have been feeling good and making the most of summer this year. Short of feeling tired and a bit of nausea here and there, I’d have to say I’ve sailed through the first trimester of this pregnancy without too much trouble. Hopefully that will continue! We finally get to see the doctor at the end of next week. So far I’ve only seen nurses and the physician’s assistant because my doctor was booked. I’m anxious to find out if she’s got any travel plans that last week of December… And in a few more weeks we’ll have our Level 2 ultrasound. Everything goes so fast!

Late July/Early August:
The gates and play yards at our house have been on the move!  In late July, I took down the “sibling saver,” as I called it, in the basement so that I could work on teaching the kids to play together in peace.  It’s been a challenge, but I’m glad I did it.  Mac is learning (slowly and stubbornly) that he needs to take turns, and that all of the toys he wants are not “his.”  With Vivian climbing more, that meant much less productivity for me while the kids were awake.  She was climbing on the furniture quickly, and we still struggle to get her to sit down once she’s up there.  Factor in Mac’s reactions if she takes a toy he wants, and, well, as I said, I can’t leave them alone to get anything done.

Vivian’s other teeth are finally coming in – the middle on top and the next out from the middle on bottom.  I even noticed one of her back teeth on her top left pushing through.

IMG_0948We’ve gone out a lot more this summer, and it’s been very enjoyable.  In late July, we even went to Choo Choo Bob’s Train Store in St. Paul for story time and to play with the trains they have there – SIX train tables!  Mac has shown signs of what appears to be normal preschooler play behavior both there and at the Lego store at MOA.  He will try to hoard the toys he doesn’t want other kids to play with!  He brings me a handful of toys and wants me to hold them – I said, no, if you are not playing with them, then we need to let the other kids have a turn.  He didn’t like it but really needs to learn or preschool will be a rude awakening!

Mac has mastered using the peddles to ride his “bicycle” (really a tricycle) on the patio in the back yard, both forward and backward.  He rarely runs down his sister.  As with many other things, he is very possessive of it and doesn’t want Vivian to ride it (or touch it, for that matter).  She is “allowed” to ride the little scooter or his Cozy Coupe car.  Lucky girl, right?

The gates made another huge transition last week.  We took down the play yard in the living room that was blocking Vivian from Mac’s play/drawing table, lamps and cords and moved everything out of the way.  Why?  Because the little bugger watched her brother enough times and started to climb over it!

Let me give you a little timeline for how quickly this girl catches on…

IMG_1011Aug. 10: I convinced Mac (and trusted him enough) to hold Vivian going down the slide.  This was her first time down the slide without me going down with her, and maybe her 5th time overall.

We didn’t have any trips to the park in the next 4 days.

Aug. 15, morning: Vivian climbed the stairs at the park as she has done before but this time started to turn around to go down the slide by herself, feet first on her tummy (like she would go the “safe way” down the steps).  The video I got was at the smaller park where (go figure) there are no steps but ladders – boy was she frustrated!  I picked her up and put her on the platform to go down the slide.

Aug. 15, afternoon: Playing in the back yard in the afternoon, she gave our ladder a try.  Yep, you guessed it – she made it to the top and proceeded down the slide with a big grin on her face.  Eeks!

I’m sure I’m forgetting a multitude of developments and anecdotes.  Well, I’ll try to do better, but that’s about all I can promise!  Hopefully after seeing how busy we are, you’ll forgive me.  😉  I’ve done much more of taking photos and video with my phone and uploading directly to Flickr, so if you check out our photostream or feed there, you’ll catch the latest action even when I don’t have time to sit down and blog.

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