State Fair 2010

IMG_4412We had a great time at the State Fair this year.  Mom and Clare were here to join us, and the four of us went with them, the Begalkes and Jane.  We let the kids wake up on their own and were ready to head out after Vivian had her first feeding of the day.

We started with donuts… as usual.  Mac loved them!  He ate almost a whole bag by himself but did share with those sitting by him – Nana, Auntie Clare and CJ.  We walked through the Kidway (kid-size midway rides), but he wasn’t interested, so we figured why spend the money?  Next to the Kidway was something he REALLY loved — Choo Choo Bob’s!  IMG_4421 We went in to find a live show and a huge train track with trains he could play with.  We probably could have spent all day in there, but there was an admission to get in and we had left Vivian out with Nana and Steph.  We pulled him out crying (poor kid), though part of it could have been that it was approaching nap time.  We managed to get him some lunch – he likes Pronto Pups just like Mommy!  Soon after that we went to see the animals at the Miracle of Birth exhibit, where we could see a bunch of different animals all at once, including little baby animals Mac could pet.  We weren’t sure how long he’d last.  The kid hasn’t slept in his stroller since his 1st birthday.  Our plan was to be ready to leave as soon as he hit “the wall.”  After the animals, we got Daddy his all-you-can-drink milk, then we headed up the hill to the dairy building for our milkshakes and french fries.  All the way we were commenting on all the kids we saw sleeping in their strollers, joking, “see all those good kids, Mac?”  We found our meeting spot, and lo and behold, wouldn’t ya know, when we looked at the little guy, he was, indeed, ASLEEP!!  We peacefully had our next treat then noticed the parade staging in front of us and quickly made our way out of there in hopes of preserving our two sleeping children’s naptime.  It worked for a while – Mac got at least a half hour total.  We shopped for a bit then met up with the rest of the group.  Mac was very patient with the grown-up parts of the fair too, which is good as we think to the future.  That short nap appeared to be enough to help us last until 6:30, including 20 minutes in line for Sweet Martha’s.  Unbelievable.  The only tantrum was leaving Choo Choo Bob’s (totally understandable) and going to bed (totally overtired).  Vivian did well too.  She ate when she was supposed to and slept most of the rest of the time, never seeming to be too uncomfortable or sick of her comfy stroller spot.

IMG_4438 IMG_4439 IMG_4445

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