Vivian’s 2-Month Check


We were a little late getting Vivian’s 2-month well-baby check due to her brother needing a visit to the ER the day her appointment was originally scheduled.  (We have suspicions that she coerced said brother into it, but nothing has been confirmed…)  But – 10 days late or not, she had to go!

She checks out with an amazing report of health and development. First, the specs: 13.5 pounds (97th percentile), 24 inches long (92nd percentile), and a big-ole head like her brother measuring 16 inches around (90th percentile). I gather she is not “supposed” to be sleeping through the night yet as the question from the doctor was does she wake up once or twice at night to eat? Um… she doesn’t. He said we should clone her! Everything looks very good; she’s right on track. He asked if she can hold her head up at all when on her tummy, and when I told him she was already pushing herself over, he was pretty amazed. He said not to be surprised if she’s walking before a year! He said the earliest he’s seen is 7 months, the youngest of 5 children.

The poor girl got FIVE shots plus a vaccine she had to drink. She was fairly brave, but her legs were noticeably sore for much of the day. If I remember right, that’s the worst of the shots, thank goodness!

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