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IMG_2779_2 It’s been busy around these parts, to say the least.  But I wanted to take some time this weekend, just a week before Mac turns 2 (what?!), to write about some updates.

First, a list of Mac’s new words!  This will probably be the last concrete list, as he now actually seems to try just about anything we ask him to.  And when I say he can say words, it doesn’t mean he’s saying the words clearly, but usually the first syllable, enough so we can understand what he’s trying to get across.  And if he knows the sign, that accompanies the word making it easier for us to understand.  New to us in the last several weeks are, in no particular order: please, off/on/out/open (they all sound alike), fish (loves to watch Finding Nemo), more, water, milk, mommy, daddy, up, bath, baby, guitar, no (we avoided it as long as we could), orange, Nana, choo-choo and rub-rub (what we call his lotion and vaseline treatments); and more recently he has added: bye bye, help, Tigger, Pooh, mittens and hat.  He’s even learning that (if we’re patient enough not to prompt him) he needs to put “more” and “please” together to get more, or “up” and “please” to get picked up.  One of the cutest things I’ve seen in the past weeks is watching him count down to start a Wii Fit game.  I started doing it – 3…2…1…Go! – along with the game, and now he tries to do it too!

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Mac is also becoming more and more independent each day!  I’m sure that will help US as his little brother or sister comes along.  He’s been putting his own laundry down the chute for over a year and has helped put dishes away.  Now he can take off his own winter gear (coat, hat, mittens, and even boots this past week!) and hang up his coat on his little hook, put the mittens in the coat sleeve, and throw his boots – or shoes – on the pile where they belong.  He puts his hat either in his coat sleeve or in the bench where the other winter gear is kept.  He can put his coat on himself (thank you, Jo, for the “toddler flip!”) and tries to do his hat and mittens.  This past week he started to want to put his boots on himself, which he can start but not quite finish on his own.  He can almost get his pants all the way on himself, so dressing on his own may not be far behind.  He’ll pile his dishes – put his cup and utensils on top of the plate – when he’s done eating, and often he’ll hand it to one of us.  He even does a better job of brushing his teeth each night – practice makes perfect!  He also continues to do a pretty good job putting away his toys when asked.  Oh, and don’t try to peel a clementine in front of him – he’ll throw a fit!  He can do it himself now…

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His interests have progressed into more of the fine-motor skills these days.  He loves to color and do puzzles, and now he builds with his blocks instead of just taking them apart!  And he loves to sing and play his guitar with Rick!

Mac is learning his animals too, and we’re working on shapes.  He can point to (usually), when asked: cow, horse, dog, cat, and of course, fish!  He also loves to sing (go figure) but isn’t yet able to keep up with the words of the songs he knows.  When he hears the Alphabet Song or Old Macdonald (known in our house as “E-I-E-I-O”), he’ll make sounds to the beat, but there are no words there yet, except the E-I-E-I-O part.  He can also do most of the actions for the songs we’ve been singing seemingly forever!  He used to just do the “wheels” of Wheels on the Bus and the “spider” of Itsy Bitsy Spider, but now he can do almost all of them!  We’ll probably keep adding from Aunt Jo’s wide selection…

The kid loves his routine, as I’m told toddlers often do.  But he seems to be flexible as well, thank goodness.

How will he handle his little brother or sister?  We’re not sure, but we’re hopeful.  He seems to be very compassionate by nature, concerned when he hears a baby crying.  He will point out any baby he sees, say the word and do the sign, with a big grin on his face, but when it’s up-close and personal, he doesn’t seem so sure.

The poor guy has such sensitive skin.  His dry skin got so bad a few weeks ago we took him to the doctor and got a medicated cream for what turned out to be a flare-up of eczema.  That worked wonders, and we’ll continue to try to now keep it at bay with twice-a-day “rub-rub” applications.  No sooner had the eczema cleared up, then he got terrible diaper rash, possibly from teething.  That didn’t get much better because he wouldn’t stop messing his diapers (stubborn kid), and then he got another rash on his leg!  We took him to the doctor for that one also, which turned out to be a partially fungal, partially bacterial infection.  Poor kid!  We left that visit with two medicated creams and an antibiotic.  That is clearing up now as well.  We’ll really have to watch his skin as the seasons change and into the summer.  Everything should be able to be kept under control if we make sure to eliminate the possible irritations.

Stay tuned for pictures of our 2-year-old next week!

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