Mac’s Mischief

IMG_0275 I haven’t had a lot of free time lately to catch everyone up on Mac’s latest tricks & milestones, but I have tried to keep track of them, though for the most part dates are lost.  There are only two dates I made note of: September 9th, he got out of his crib (but not again since) and mastered drinking out of a straw; IMG_0284 September 22nd, he took our two big pillows in the basement, piled them up near the light switch, and proceeded to climb on them to turn the light on and off; and September 25th he learned how to eat an ice cream cone (thanks, Aunt Jo).

Mac will almost always, when asked, give hugs and kisses, high fives, and now (thanks to the tutelage of Uncle Al) give “fist bumps.”

He knows what “night night” means and will sometimes even go to his crib on his own.  When I put him in bed, he’ll even reach up to give me kisses before he lies down.

He now signs for water, though like “help,” it’s not quite the right sign.  He very often now will grab our hands to take us to what he wants.  That includes things like when he throws his ball where he can’t reach it or wants his milk from the refrigerator.  He also signs “thank you” when prompted, so we’re pushing the manners pretty hard right now.

The kid will throw just about anything he can pick up, and we’re trying hard now to squelch that urge and limit the throwing just to balls.  When he started going to volleyball practice with me, somehow he picked up on the fact that the hoops around the court were meant to have balls thrown through them.  He’ll keep on trying to throw a volleyball through those hoops – it’s just adorable!  He’ll also try to throw them over the volleyball net…  And this past week, Jane took some of the toddler activities out of her attic, including a little basketball hoop.  Apparently he just can’t get enough of it!

Mac is starting to show signs of being a very good helper.  Besides the chore of throwing his laundry down the chute, at which he’s a pro by now, he helps clean up his toys when asked (usually), and loves to help put away the dishes from the dishwasher.  Basically, we take out the dangerous, heavy and breakable items, then we let him at the rest to see what he’ll do.  He usually takes the silverware and puts it all in a drawer just below the silverware drawer (which he can’t quite reach yet), and he’ll put his plates on the table.  The cutest thing is to watch him take out his cups and the little ziploc-type containers that get water in the edges, and reach them up as close to the sink as he can get, and shake them – just like I do!  Amazing how much he learns by watching.

Mac loves to run and dance, too, both of which are pretty entertaining to watch.  He’ll push the button on a toy in the kitchen that plays music, and boogie down until it stops.  It’s hilarious!

Mac has become quite conversational in the last couple of weeks.  He points more and seems to be trying to communicate in a different way.  I’m hoping this means words are not too far off!  He still has not spoken his first word.

All in all, Mac is still just a delightful kid.  Sure, he can be stubborn and cranky, but we know we’re very spoiled with such a good boy.  He may whine and complain when we tell him “no” or “stop,” but he stops what he’s doing.  He may not like to be told he’s “all done” in a room or with a toy, but he does stop.  He seems truly happy and joyful in his playing and interacting with others.

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