Dirt Cake, Anyone?

Apparently spaghetti, cheese bread, milk, cheerios, goldfish crackers and ice cream were NOT enough for my little one this evening…


Yes, friends, that’s DIRT he’s stuffing in his mouth.

Mac does love to play outside, no matter what we’re doing.  But he is a typical boy and also LOVES to play in the dirt!  He likes to dig with the shovel, too… perhaps I can get this interest to work to my advantage when it comes time to dig that border around my landscaping?!

IMG_0245 IMG_0252 More photos here of our dinner tonight and a cute one of him at Cold Stone – he had a blast running around the empty store!  Before dinner, he got a kids’ menu and a crayon.  We’ve been out a few times the last few weeks, and each time he gets crayons we work more on what he’s supposed to do with them.  Tonight he actually colored with it!  I only had my iPhone with me, so the photos aren’t great, but if you look closely (or click to see the original on Flickr) you can see red marks on the paper.  He did that himself!

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