Garden 2.0

My garden this year hasn’t been much work. I bought mature already-blooming flowers the weekend our condo went on the market so that the patio area would look nice. As mentioned in a previous post, we just didn’t have the room inside for me to start seeds in February like I have done the last few years, and quite honestly, most of them didn’t turn out so great when I did. So here are some pictures of how those mature flowers are doing a few weeks later. That watering system is still the best thing on the planet for us. That was the worse part of keeping a garden for me, and the simple task now of going to turn the water on and off has been wonderful! I know, I’m lazy.

I didn’t get out there with my camera soon enough to catch the lilacs in bloom, but they were spectacular! More photos are available on our Flickr Photostream.

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