Snow Day takes on DirecTV

No Satellite No, not the movie… the snowstorm of March 2nd, 2007 showed us just how dangerously addicted we are to TV.  From Thursday night when the snow started to fall until the following Thursday when the mid-40-degree weather finally got the best of that snow on the roof, we had absolutely no satellite signal.  This definitely cemented our decision to NOT go with satellite for high-speed internet, in addition to the fact that it’s super expensive.  We managed to get most of our shows (we learned later that many were repeats) from our faithful family and friends whose neighbors’ buildings were not buried under a snow drift and blocking their dish.  We did, however, manage to make our way through LOTS of Tivo Suggestions that had been recorded, and we took a trip to Blockbuster to supplement our Netflix lag.  It might just be me, but I’m sensing a trend here of the aforementioned dependency on TV… good thing we are well-adjusted adults, otherwise I’d really start to worry.

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