I totally LOVE my TotalBaby app!  A friend recommended this app to me that I tried with Vivian and have loved and depended on ever since, especially in the first year with the babies.  This app tracks everything a new mom wants to keep on-hand without having to carry around a notepad everywhere (just have to carry your phone, which I do anyway).

It tracks major daily events: Diapers, Feeding, Sleeping, Bath and “Other” where you can add your own.  Each event has a timer as well as the ability to add your own times.  Each event also has a list of details or descriptions and a place for notes.  I really only use the diapering and feeding events, and sometimes sleeping so I can see if Josie is getting on a schedule of her own.  The feeding event also helps me keep track of what side I’m on (nursing), and now even has a place where I can keep track of my pumped milk supply.  It also includes bottles and some solids as we get to that point.  I even use it to track my own meds in the first few sleepy weeks after delivery.

I don’t even use half of the features, but they’ve added some new ones that are really neat, like a timeline that shows an at-a-glance view of your baby’s daily routine.  It also tracks doctor visits, including measurements, so this time around when they reported the weight taken in the hospital nursery with Josie, we knew right away that she was within the 10% weight loss when we wanted to be discharged.  And you can switch between showing the percent change and the percentiles.  Vaccinations are also available to track, which I’m considering updating on there for the other kids so I have it at my fingertips.

It has a web backup (for a home network) and a sync feature in case you have more than one device running the app.  I think that’s intended for couples or other shared care-giving, but I use it now on my old and new iPhones so I don’t have to have my actual phone in my bedroom with me at night.

This app is very helpful for people like me who just don’t pay attention to the clock during the day or would forget to write things down.  I highly recommend it!


The Garden in 2010

Well, all that work in the fall really DID pay off!  And all the work last spring seems to have held for the most part too.  I didn’t know how difficult it would be in my current state, so for the first day of weeding and border-cutting, Stephanie graciously came to help me.  It wasn’t too bad for me, so I’ve continued the work on my own.

I started early this year, as the beautiful spring weather never did give way to another cold spell as it so often does here in the Midwest.  We didn’t get any snow in March, and we had some very unseasonably warm temperatures that put everything about two weeks ahead of where it was last year.  I already had the magnolia in full bloom for Easter and tulips in full bloom by April 13th!  The the weekend following is when Steph came to help and I finally got started with the spring clean-up.  Unfortunately, I should have gone with my gut and started putting out the weed preventer two weeks earlier… oh well!

I just this past weekend had more time to work on the next sections, and I almost finished the main garden around the house.  By this time last year, I was just starting this process that took me almost 50 hours to complete, including a good 6 or so to clear, prepare and plant the vegetable garden.  Now, about 11 hours in, I would say I’m well more than half done.  Yea!  The best news was to see that the lilies-of-the-valley that I massacred last year for the most part stayed away.  Some are still coming up in the lawn, but unless we dig up the lawn in that spot, I can’t get to them.  The border remains where I left it, and they have not taken over the astilbe either!  The fall take-down of the overgrown hydrangea and forsythia also seem to be just fine now too.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been as good at getting pictures this year.  I have some, and I will try to post some soon of the comparisons from last year.  For the most part, the plants and flowers look like they are really flourishing even more.  I’m not sure if that’s due to the good weather (none of them got frostbite – I even covered the tulips at night when I remembered) or because they were cared for last year and cut down in the fall.  I’m anxious to see if the peonies that didn’t bloom last year do this year.  If they don’t, I’ll have to think about pulling them.  And I’ll need to stay on top of the transplanting I need to do and not let it go – Jeremy really wants them out of his way!

It feels really good to have that project almost done.  I only have a small portion remaining of the main garden, the hostas section, then the vegetables and the shade garden if I choose to do those again, which I probably will.  I’m not sure when I’ll get around to adding annuals.  Gram always warned not to plant before Memorial day, but last year I had them in the weekend before, so I might not wait!

Garden Update

Ok, I’m not used to a garden that keeps blooming and needs maintenance all summer long!  I love it, but it’s hard work!  Though I will say that some of it is my own doing, and it is easier to weed the garden than to prepare it.  I’ll have to work it all into my routine… ha ha.

The phlox, coneflower and balloon flower are all in bloom now.  The lilies bloomed while I was in D.C., so I only caught the tail end of those.  Those were about the only ones for which I knew what color to expect since they were in bloom one of the days we first looked at the house.  Everything else was a surprise!  The Joe-pye weed (Gateway) is getting to be almost as tall as the house, and the hydrangea bushes (trees?) are huge as well.  I’ll need to figure out how to get those under control a little better next year.  Some of the hostas are in bloom but others are not – I’m not sure why.

My veggies were all successful to some level.  The peas didn’t look great – not sure why – but I did get a few from that “harvest.”  The beans looked really good, and the carrots are still growing.  The peas need to be cooked, but the green beans were tasty even raw!



Balloon Flower


Vegetable Garden



First Harvest!

No More Cross-Linking

Well, I didn’t hear from anyone about whether the cross-linking of my blog with our blog has been a convenience, so I’m discontinuing it.  I’m finding it to be more of a hassle than it’s probably worth for the few readers I/we may have.  I tend to just forget and have to do a whole bunch at a later time.  If you read both blogs, you’ll need to make sure you check both of them regularly for updates!